Family Friendly Action PAC Announces 500k Doors Knocked in Pennsylvania

October 31, 2022

Pennsylvania voters are prioritizing candidates like John Fetterman who will support policies to lower costs for working families

Harrisburg – This year, Family Friendly Action PAC has hit the pavement knocking on doors, visiting businesses, and meeting people out in their communities to talk to hard-working Pennsylvanians. Today, Family Friendly Action PAC is proud to announce we have reached 500,000 doors knocked in Pennsylvania

We hear from Pennsylvania voters every day that they are concerned about the rising cost of living, high costs of prescription drugs, and a lack of affordable and accessible child care. They are prioritizing candidates who will support policies that uplift and empower working families. 

“Only one candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania is committed to supporting care policies and lowering costs for working families and that person is John Fetterman,” said Rachele Fortier, Pennsylvania Family Friendly Action PAC State Director. “We are proud to have knocked on 500,000 doors this cycle in support of Fetterman’s candidacy and will work tirelessly from now until Election Day to ensure voters know where he stands on the issues that matter most to them.”

Fetterman has consistently reinforced his support for policies that would give working families the tools and opportunities to build a better life. If elected, Fetterman would vote to:

Recently, Family Friendly Action PAC launched a storybook highlighting the economic issues that are playing for voters in battleground states and districts, including Pennsylvania. The testimonials demonstrate that in key elections, voters are prioritizing candidates who will work to bring down the cost of child care, elder care and prescription drugs and pass paid family and medical leave.