In Debate, Fetterman Highlights Support For Policies That Would Lower Costs For Working Families

October 26, 2022

Mehmet Oz made it clear he is out of touch with Pennsylvanians

Harrisburg – Last night during the U.S. Senate debate, Fetterman proved once again that he is the best choice to represent Pennsylvania’s working families, highlighting his support for policies that will lower costs. Conversely, Mehmet Oz made it clear he is completely out of touch with the majority of Pennsylvanians.

“This campaign is all about – to me – fighting for everyone in Pennsylvania that ever got knocked down that needs to get back up,” Fetterman said. During the debate, Fetterman:

  • Reiterated his support for the Inflation Reduction Act which has lowered the cost of prescription drugs;
  • Advocated for working families by saying he would take on greedy corporations to lower costs and reduce inflation;
  • Said he would vote to codify Roe v. Wade and reaffirmed his commitment to protect a woman’s right to choose;
  • Said he supports raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour;
  • And said he will stand up for our seniors by protecting Medicaid and Social Security.

This builds upon Fetterman’s record of advocating for Pennsylvania’s working families:

  • In an op-ed Fetterman wrote, “To deliver real results for people across Pennsylvania, we must cut costs for working Americans at the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, too.”
  • In an ad released this month, John Fetterman spotlighted his support for improving access to healthcare, lowering costs, and making sure families are able to spend time with their loved ones.
  • Fetterman supports restoring the enhanced child tax credit

On the other hand, Oz said abortion should be a choice between “a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders,” expressed support for Florida Senator Rick Scott’s extreme plan to slash Medicare and Social Security, and refused to support an increase to the federal minimum wage. 

“Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator who shares their values and supports policies that will uplift and empower working families all across our commonwealth. That person is John Fetterman,” said Rachele Fortier, Pennsylvania Family Friendly Action PAC State Director