PA Family Friendly Action PAC Launches $1 Million Digital Ad Campaign in Support of John Fetterman for U.S. Senate

October 11, 2022

New Ads Highlight Dr. Oz Statement That All Abortion Is “Murder,” John Fetterman’s Commitment to Protecting the Right to Choose

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Family Friendly Action PAC launched the first ads in Pennsylvania as part of a new, approximately $1 million digital campaign that’ll see ads running on OTT, Social, Digital Audio, and Premium Video today through Election Day. The new ads launching today call out Dr. Mehmet Oz’s belief that all abortion is “murder.” The new ads also highlight John Fetterman and his commitment to protecting the right to choose in Pennsylvania. 


Rachele Fortier, Pennsylvania Family Friendly Action PAC State Director:

“Republicans in Congress want to ban abortion nationwide and they’re counting on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s vote to do it. They know where he stands because Dr. Oz said all abortions are “murder” at any stage of pregnancy. 

“Politicians like Dr. Oz shouldn’t control women’s bodies. John Fetterman would protect the right to choose in Pennsylvania, oppose a national abortion ban, and vote to restore national abortion protections by codifying Roe v. Wade. On November 8, the choice is ours and we’re supporting John Fetterman.” 

As abortion rights continue to be restricted around the country, Pennsylvania voters understand that access to essential health care like abortion is an economic issue for their families. If abortion rights are stripped away in Pennsylvania, the inability to plan when to have children compounded by a lack of access to affordable childcare and paid family leave would put families into a financial situation they potentially can’t recover from.

The September polls conducted by Muhlenberg College/Morning Call and USA TODAY/Suffolk University found that the economy and abortion rights are the top two issues driving Pennsylvania voters’ decisions in the 2022 midterm elections. And a recent report published by the PA Budget and Policy Center found the effects of an abortion ban in Pennsylvania could reduce wages in the state by $10 billion a year.