Victory for Families: Family Friendly Action PAC Celebrates Election of John Fetterman Who Will Work to Lower Costs and Pass Care Policies

November 9, 2022

John Fetterman Ran on a Platform of Delivering Relief for Working Families

Family Friendly Action PAC Ran a $4.6 Million Voter Contact Program in Support of John Fetterman

Washington, DC – Today, the Family Friendly Action PAC celebrates the election of John Fetterman, who ran on a platform of lowering costs for families by addressing the cost of child care, elder care, and prescription drugs and passing paid family and medical leave. The Family Friendly Action PAC ran a $4.6 million voter contact program in Philadelphia’s Collar Counties. The program included robust investments in door-to-door canvassing as well as a $1 million digital ad campaign. In total, Family Friendly Action PAC had 18,996 unique conversations with Pennsylvania voters this cycle and knocked on 672,601 doors.

“Pennsylvania voters have sent a clear message: Working families need elected officials to give them the tools and opportunities to build a better life,” said Rachele Fortier, Pennsylvania state director of Family Friendly Action PAC. “John Fetterman ran on cutting costs for families and passing care policies to make sure no Pennsylvanian is left behind, and voters rewarded him for it. We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish on behalf of families over the coming years.”

John Fetterman made lowering costs for working families and passing care policies like paid family and medical leave central to his appeal to voters.

  • In one of his closing ads, John Fetterman promised he would support policies to drive down costs for families like lowering the costs of child care.
  • In an ad released last month, Fetterman spotlighted his support for improving access to healthcare, lowering costs and making sure families are able to spend time with their loved ones. 
  • In an op-ed Fetterman wrote, “To deliver real results for people across Pennsylvania, we must cut costs for working Americans at the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, too.”
  • Fetterman supports restoring the enhanced child tax credit.
  • Fetterman promised to protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors
  • During the Senate debate, Fetterman said he supports raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour
  • Fetterman promised to vote to codify Roe v. Wade.

Family Friendly Action PAC ran a $1 million digital ad campaign in Pennsylvania. The ads called out Mehmet Oz’s statement that all abortion is “murder” and highlighted John Fetterman’s commitment to protecting the right to choose in Pennsylvania. 

Recently, the Family Friendly Action PAC released a storybook highlighting the roles lowering costs and passing care policies were likely to play for voters in battleground states including Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.